Mindarena English

The Mind Arena was developed for groups of 3-36 players as well as for larger groups, who solve puzzles with their team such as in an escape room and who want to experience a brand new game setting that lasts longer… By switching to new stations and encountering varying game difficulties and challenges, each player is continually integrated into the next activity. No one feels bored or is excluded.Mind Arena

Pure excitement for all age groups! A leisure event that can be played equally by people aged 12 to 80 at the same time!

The Mind Arena is not only attractive for groups of friends, but also for companies, offices, clubs, bachelor parties, and school classes (beginning with the 7th or 8th grade or higher).

DEUTSCH: The Mind Arena can also be played in German! Perfectly suitable for international companies, meetings, language schools, tourists, etc.

MOBILE: We bring the Mind Arena mobile to you! When you book the “mobile-flatrate,” we will set up the Mind Arena in your garden, courtyard or other private property, or in your office building or sales rooms, restaurants, clubs & discos during daytime hours, schools, campgrounds, or wherever a setup is technically possible and permitted. With 6 teams, up to 48 people can play at the same time; with 2 rounds of 7-12 teams up to 100 players; with 3 rounds up to 150 players…(see fotos above)

The Game Setting / What is different as compared to an Escape Room?

  • As far as skills are concerned, the Mind Arena is the same as any other Escape Room / Exit Game, as it involves teamwork, organization, lateral thinking, creativity, logic, intuition, and above all communication abilities and problem-solving skills. However, the game lasts longer, is more diversified, and is very different.
  • The game leader starts the automatic introduction sequence and afterwards answers your questions. Then the game is ready to begin!
  • Everyone goes to their stations.
  • For 10 minutes each team deciphers messages, cracks codes, solves puzzles and opens locks (much like an escape room).
  • Afterwards a “virtual moderator” takes control for 6 minutes and conveys information that contains hidden clues and messages that have to be identified.
  • Then each team moves on to the next station for completely new and different challenges.
  • Altogether there are 6 stations and the virtual moderator takes over 5 times.
  • Each team receives its own tablet with the special “Mind Arena Game App”! This tablet counts the number of puzzles solved, adds up the points, and gives helpful hints at the press of a button. (Caution! It costs points!) During the game the tablet is used several times and leads you interactively through the Mind Arena.
  • After exactly 90 minutes the game is over.Mind Arena Rostock
  • The game leader reveals your achieved points. The possible number of points is essentially unlimited, so you can play the Mind Arena several times to improve your score.
  • The game setting “Mind Arena,” the idea, the concept, the game sequence, as well as the layout and functionality of the objects are property of FindOut-Games.com ® (protected by the German Patent and Trademark Office, Munich, 23.2.2016 and by copyright laws).
  • Further “Mind Sets” with new challenges will follow in 2019.