Escape Room English


What has happened?… The Mission


A young computer freak has been unable to land a job as a system electronics engineer, despite applying for several appropriate companies in Rostock and the surrounding area. Now he wants to show everyone how much they would have needed him. Along with a few other hacker friends, he is planning a general attack on all the networks and systems and wants to trigger an ultimate MCA (maximum credible accident).

He has lived in a hiding place for the past 3 years and worked on his plan. Now he is giving a group of 3 to 8 people the chance to find his hidden codes and puzzling messages within 60 minutes and to connect them. If they are successful, he will stop the hacker attack.

Save North Germany from the ultimate MCA (maximum credible accident) and register your group!

60 minutes of excitement with your colleagues, friends or family, Escape Room Rostock

or as a starting activity for a bachelor party.

1 Team • 1 Room • 1 Goal • + 60 minutes to solve a secret mission.

The game requires teamwork, lateral thinking, creativity, logic and intuition. Escape rooms or mission rooms are often compared to geocaching, scavenger hunts, adventure games or quest games, etc., but take place in one manageable room and therefore promote almost unlimited team dynamic within the group. You’ll notice it!